Day 1

A Sacrificial Heart

A reflection on our Ethiopia Partnership through Tearfund


This is the passage we will be focusing on throughout the week in all of our daily devotions. 

Devotional Thought:

The word sacrifice can have different meanings for each of us. It can mean a decision we made to lose out on something we wanted, or that we gave something up. To sacrifice means to give up something for the sake of another. This can be a one off moment, or it can become a way of life. Jesus showed us the way of life that was sacrificial in his words and actions. His life ultimately led to the cross and His sacrifice on our behalf. Christ points the way to a life of sacrifice when He says “take up your cross and follow me” Matthew 16:24-26. 

Following Christ’s “way” is a path of sacrificial service of others. Learning to lean into this way is what will bring transformation to our lives and to the world around us.  David understood this process in worship and his life. He knew that he couldn’t get something for nothing. He wouldn’t receive something without it costing Him. David put this into practice in order to honour God. 

In the same way we can live a life of sacrifice. Our hearts can be open to God and others and to serving them in the ways that they need. This sacrifice builds the kingdom and allows God to be seen by others. We see this in the lives of those we’ve partnered with through Tearfund in Ethopia who serve and love others. They give and commit to each other in powerful ways. The saving schemes allow individuals and families to access financial resources they could never have or build themselves. This enables them to get out of debt and poverty. People give to these schemes because of the teaching of the gospel and the word of God. As they understand that we are made in the image of God and have creativity and life in us, their lives are changed as the gospel brings fruitfulness in their service to others. 

This has been seen over and over and is such an inspiration to us.


May we be sacrificial people who learned how to follow in your ways. May we have the grace to serve and put others first. May we love well. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to serve and feet to go where you tell us to go.



Who needs serving and loving around you? 
What creativity is there in you and your community that could be of service to others?


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