Day 3

 Helping others brings the gift of purpose into our lives

2 Samuel 24: 18-25

David Builds an Altar


This is the passage we will be focusing on throughout the week in all of our daily devotions.

Devotional Thought:

Before I became a Christian my life and my priorities centred around me.  Every decision would be prefaced by questions like – will this be good for me, what will I gain from this?  When I became a Christian this became one of my biggest challenges. 

Well, one of my favourite bible verses comes from Proverbs 11:25 – “Whoever brings blessing will be enriched and one who waters will himself be watered”

As I have grown and matured over the years I have learned to give more of my time, money, energy and love.  I have learned that helping others is the mark of a mature Christian.  I was taught that lesson by some very special people who gave to me without any thought of the cost to themselves.  They are the heroes of this devotion and without them I would not be writing this

So I have tried to follow in their footsteps and have learned that helping others brings meaning and fulfilment to my life in a way that wealth, power, possessions and self centred actions never did.  

Of course it is not just about what you give but also about the state of your heart when you give.  King David knew that with giving there should always a cost and giving something that has no worth is no gift at all

I believe that God gives us gifts in order that we can share them and I thank God for the people in my past who have shared their gifts with me.  They helped me open my heart to learning and growing

I’ve been involved in leading the Restore course in Grantham this year and it has been all about learning, growing and developing.  I have been amazed at how much I have grown whilst running the programme.  My teachers have been the people who came along as learners and turned into my teachers.  So I have learned never to underestimate the wisdom of the learner. As I have given away, I have been blessed.


Lord – Please help us to open our hearts to growing and developing, and help us to become the person you would have us be.  Help us to recognise that although there will always be a cost when we give to others, the rewards will be well worth the sacrifice.  Help us to become more like King David and insist on paying the full cost no matter what



How can you grow in your service of others this week? Write down one thing you have learnt from others as you have served.


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