Day 3



God ordered Isaiah to remind the people to move away from their religious acts; check the condition of their hearts so they could align them to His heart, His love, His people and above all else His “Great Commission”. (Luke 4: 16 – 22, Matt 28:16-20) 

Devotional Thought:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  Martin Luther King Jr 

Apt quote illustrating how light exposes the darkness in our souls. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of God. To have a relationship with God, we must put aside our sinful ways of living. If we claim to walk with Jesus, but then set out on our own paths, we are hypocrites. As followers of Christ we are called to shine forth the light of salvation, be representatives of God, ambassadors for the kingdom. “You are the light of the world. A city on the hill cannot be hidden” (Matt 5:14) 

Darkness is encroaching on us with the pandemic, restrictions, floods, news, racism, recession, addictions etc. A time of refining. Countless being called to live by faith, unable to make future plans. God is calling believers to be blazing lights. “Screen mirroring” Jesus without disruptions or distortions. But to be a light there must be the dark also. To truly shine we have to have faith and stay strong when difficult times come. The verse above, doesn’t say ‘have’ a light but the light will ‘rise’. Alleluia!!! It means the light is increasing as we shine and our faith gets stronger in the Saviour’s presence. Only through faith can we believe light will rise in the darkness; night becomes like noonday “the brightest part of the day”. God is calling us and others, to put our hope in Him. Despite our own situations, carry on the Good News of salvation. To walk by faith and not by sight, believing He is doing the impossible. To be a light where it is dark. Remembering that “the world is changed by our example, not by our opinions …”


Our Father, we call upon your name today, knowing you are a good father. Teach us Jesus, the discipline of following in your footsteps, seeing you clearly and loving you dearly. Only by your grace and mercy will our lights rise in the darkness. Spirit of God lead us to be peace keepers, to show love where there is hatred, your forgiveness where there is offense, belief where there is unbelief, hope where there is gloom and joy where there is sorrow. May our actions be a reflection of You and our faith. Thank you Lord for your anointing.


Creatively think about practical ways to reach out to the most excluded and/or isolated people you know. Put your thoughts into action so you can make a difference in their lives. Set a goal of reaching out to at least two people each week e.g. a card, a good deed, a meal, a gift, a conversation etc. all with a scripture verse. Cover those people in prayer asking for them to have a personal encounter with our loving Father leading to darkness being dispelled.


As a Church, we gather in smaller numbers called life groups. We do this in many ways, including online. We value relationship and would love to get you connected today.


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