Day 4



In v.6-10 Isaiah has been prophesying about the fast that God chooses. Then in v.11 we see He promises that if we follow and obey His fast then He will guide us, satisfy us and strengthen us.


Devotional Thought:

God says to us the more we pour our lives out for others, the more He will pour His Grace into us. There is a glorious promise and reward for following His fast. In a very real sense God says “the more you pour out the more I will pour in”. God promises to do three things as we follow Him and love others, especially the poor.

God will continually guide us. He loves a life poured out for Him and others, and promises to draw close and direct out steps. As John Piper puts it “it seems the Lord gives His most intimate guidance to those bent on giving themselves to the needs of others – especially the poor”. Guidance at times comes to us through prophetic words, or godly wisdom from others, but perhaps more often than not it comes through providential closing and opening of “doors” that seem to make the way forward obvious (Proverbs 3:5-6). I wonder how much confusion and uncertainty there may be in some of our lives that comes from neglecting God’s chosen fast?

God will satisfy our souls. If we follow the fast then the Lord will “satisfy your desire in scorched places”. He will satisfy our “desire” which literally means “soul”. You were created to enjoy God, to treasure God and to be satisfied in God. He longs for you to go deeper and deeper into His majesty, magnificence and glory and to experience the overwhelming joy of knowing Him. What we see throughout the Bible, is that the path for being more satisfied in Him includes us wanting our satisfaction in Him to be extended to others. In short pouring ourselves out for the poor for Him is a pathway for becoming more deeply satisfied in Him. We cannot separate our love for God from our love for others. Could it be that our lack of compassion and love for other people is a hindrance to becoming more and more satisfied in Jesus?

God will strengthen us. God promises to make our bones strong. This means spiritually but also can mean physically. God wants to empower us to run with Him, to live for Him and to enjoy Him. Being strengthened by God happens alongside being surrendered to God. If we want the power but am not willing to follow the fast, then we will never know the power spoken of here. Do we need this power in our lives today?


Lord Jesus,

I love you and I thank you that you love me. I thank you that your grace towards me means I am eternally forgiven, eternally accepted and eternally secure in you. I thank you that my performance will never change this truth. But today I ask you to help me to live your way and I choose to follow your fast today. As I do this I ask you to guide me and help me…….[name what specific situations or decisions you need His guidance in today]……I lay these at your feet and trust you will lead me on. Lord, I also ask that you will satisfy my soul with your love today. I want to taste and see that you are good. Finally, Lord I ask you that you will strengthen and empower me today, give me all that I need to love you, live for you and love others in a way that points them to you. Amen. 


Take a moment today to reflect on the beauty, worth and glory of Jesus. Look at His creation, see the wonder of the cross and His amazing Grace. Take your eyes off yourself and fix them on Him and for a time adore Him and thank Him in prayer.


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