Day 4

Love Gives With Intention

Verse: 2 Samuel 24:18-25


Devotional Thought:

The use of the word sacrifice is seen in the bible at least 218 times. The offering up of sacrifices is considered as a divine institution which did not originate from man because God himself appointed it as the mode in which acceptable worship was to be offered to him by a guilty man. The language and the idea of sacrifice pervade the whole Bible.


The condition of our hearts when we bring our sacrifice is just as important as the sacrifice that we bring. David was intentional when he said he would not sacrifice to the Lord burnt offerings that cost him nothing. David’s mind was fixed on honouring God by making a sacrifice so that the plague on the people may be stopped. David had a purpose for giving to God and this drove the way in which he gave. As a leader he had a real heart for his people and he wanted the plague stopped so that their suffering would come to an end. David also had a real heart of love for God and wanted to honour him.

In John 3 v 16 – we read about that well known paragraph that says – For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not die but have everlasting life. God did not just give Jesus – He was intentional when He sent Jesus for a purpose. The result is that you and I can stand today safe and secure in His love for us. God gave from a heart of love for humanity. He gave sacrificially at great cost.

God knew that that one-time sacrifice was all that was needed to provide a gateway for us from lack to plenty, sickness to health, eternal damnation to eternity with Him and death to life. But that sacrifice cost God more than we will ever know or appreciate.

God’s intention with the conception of sacrifice was always that it was intentional from the right heart. 

As I consider Make A Difference and what I want to give, I will be doing this from a heart of love for God and for the people who will be blessed through the work of Tearfund and Betel. The love of God shed abroad in our hearts will always cause a spirit of generosity if we allow it to grow.


I pray that the eyes of our understanding be opened for us to know what his calling is in us as saints. I pray that we will see that being made in God’s image means we also have his nature. God’s nature is a generous heart that comes from a place of love. I pray that the love that has been shed abroad in our hearts will guide us in this season.



Have you ever asked God to help you to love others in just a fraction of the way that He loves you. Allow yourself to be moved with compassion for those around you sufficiently enough to be a source of blessing to them. A heart that is filled with God kind of love will always seek to give.


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