Day 5

well watered


In times of famine, God will cause you to be fruitful always so that you never experience a season of lack because you sowed during your time of plenty.

Devotional Thought:

A well-watered garden brings forth fruit in season and flowers in abundance.  As you give and contribute to meeting the needs of others, God will return to you a hundred- fold so that you will have more than you need. But it is important to consider that even a well-watered garden needs someone to have taken the step of planting some seeds which require water. If no seeds have been planted, it does not really matter how much the garden is watered it will either just look barren or be covered in weeds.

The act of giving whether it is of our time, money or other resources is like sowing a seed. When we give of our resources and we water that act of giving with God’s word by praying over it, there will always be a return. We can water our giving by speaking God’s promises as we give. Malachi 3 encourages and challenges us about giving to God and seeing God open the flood gates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that we will not have room enough for it. 

We can indeed be described as a spring whose waters never fail because we have an endless supply with God as the source. When we give of our resources, God multiplies it and throws it back out to us but first we need to put something in/sow a seed in order to reap a harvest. We have a God who is limitless from whom flows the river of living water.  It is interesting to consider the fact that springs are formed when water pressure causes a natural flow of groundwater onto the earth’s surface. 

When we trust God with our giving, He causes an overflow which results in us having more than enough so that we are able to continue to be a blessing to those in need. That is like a spring whose water never fails.


Father, I thank you that you are the fountain that never runs dry and the source of all good things. I ask you to open my eyes to see and my ears to hear you when you direct me to the project that I should bless. I pray Father that I will have clarity of mind to determine what you want me to give whether it is my time in serving, volunteering, praying for a specific project or giving of my financial resources. 

I thank you Father that as I move by faith in obedience to your voice that you will provide what I need in order to be able to continue to be fruitful just like the garden with flowers in abundance.


The bible reminds us that it is only faith that pleases God and that faith with action is dead. Having prayed it is important to step out in faith believing that God will honour your faith. 

The Make a Difference programme is fruitful ground to sow your time, skills or financial seed. You could choose to invest your time by engaging with the stories from Bethel about people whose lives have been miraculously turned around by the power of God. You could sign up for Tearfund news and prayer information using this information to support Tearfund through your prayers. Perhaps you have a skill that could be beneficial to one of these projects, you may want to consider volunteering your skill and watch God bless you and bring about an increase in other areas of your life. You could choose to study God’s word to understand His heart towards the oppressed and the hurting so that He can use you to be a blessing to His people.

Wherever God leads you to be a blessing – be sure to know that your obedience will open the flood gates of God’s blessings.


As a Church, we gather in smaller numbers called life groups. We do this in many ways, including online. We value relationship and would love to get you connected today.


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