Day 6



We demonstrate our love for God through rebuilding that which is broken.

Devotional Thought:

A city with walls tumbled down to the ground, its very foundation lying crumbled and broken. The clutter and the chaos. No boundaries or structures to hold its people tight. The communal shalom chased away by this destruction. 

We may not see physical walls of brokenness, but looking around myself now, I can see the destruction in our society, the holes in our communities. 

We are the people of God and he calls us to rebuild. From the bottom up, we are to start on the foundations of our surroundings and diligently, placing brick upon brick, we will restore order and wholeness, health and peace. Strong boundaries and supportive structures to embrace the inhabitants, ushering shalom back into the community. 

God does not call us to love with words but with actions. To sit back and wallow in our worship is not what God requires. He wants us to action our adoration with binding up the broken and rebuilding ruins. Let us please him. Let us worship properly, in spirit and truth, with actions that will bless his name. 

It is not about what we say, but what we do. 

Looking upwards and around us, we position ourselves to love God and to love others. We take up our tools to begin to rebuild this society in which we live. Family units struggling to survive the day-to-day will be supported by those who love and care. Passionate teachers seeking to engage and equip the next generation step forward. Elements that need to be addressed to bring healing to the minds of many are identified and the rebuilders step in. Politicians listening out for God’s truth so that his kingdom ways may be ushered in open their ears to God. We are the rebuilders; we must rebuild, wherever we find ourselves. This is our act of worship. 


Lord, teach us to build. Help us to identify that which is broken and show us how to use the tools you have given us to do our part in restoring your world. May we offer this up as an act of worship to you, blessing and glorifying your name. Amen 


Take a moment to reflect on what God may have called you to do. Is there a project 

you could volunteer with? A neighbour you could offer a listening ear to? A good work in need of funds that you could donate to? What tools has God placed in your hands? Do not let them go rusty on the shelf - make a plan to put these tools to work today.


As a Church, we gather in smaller numbers called life groups. We do this in many ways, including online. We value relationship and would love to get you connected today.


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