Day 8

make a difference


This passage is God’s description of what it means to follow Him. It gives us the design of what life should look like and what the impact is when we follow Him and live as He wants us to.

Devotional Thought:

We have reflected on this passage throughout this week and God has spoken to us through it. Read the passage again a couple of times over and allow the words to speak to you and who you are. The truths found here call out of us something deeper, a new way of being and of living. When God called the people of Israel out of Egypt, He lead them out of slavery into truimph and towards the Promised Land. The people however, were broken and in need. 400+ years of slavery had caused them to be de-humanised - God needed to do a re-humanising work in them. He began at Mt Sinai with the 10 commandments to show them how to live well with God and with others and then took the nation on the journey to becoming whole and human again. God’s law and ways of life are to show us what it means to be truly human and to follow Him. This passage gives clarity on what is possible when we as the people of God become who we are supposed to be. By becoming whole. Becoming whole is now the same journey and story God invites us into. The more whole we become is not for our own benefit or glory, it is for the glory of God to be revealed and so that others can be invited into this story as well. As we reflect the light and the goodness of God, others come and join us on the journey. This is a journey we are all on, a journey to a new destination of healing and wholeness, together. 

We are invited to live this story out and to see the areas of broken relationships restored and renewed in God, we see streets and buildings remade, culture redesign and futures reimagined. This is the story of God. It’s the most wonderful and exciting story there is. 

Re-read the passage. This is who you are. This story we are living. This is how to make a difference.


Father, I thank you that you have invited us into the story of being made new and whole. You have given us your Son and made the way open and clear for us. We ask that you would make us shine like stars and that we would reflect the glory and goodness of your Son Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit, come and fill us and empower us to live every day for you, loving and serving the world around us. May we have the faith and boldness to believe that the world around us can be transformed for good. Amen.


Throughout this week we have given ideas and thoughts on how to act in response to these words of scripture. Reflect on what God has shown you this week. Which actions do you now need to take? How are you going to Make a Difference? What is your story going to be?


As a Church, we gather in smaller numbers called life groups. We do this in many ways, including online. We value relationship and would love to get you connected today.


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