In light of the death of George Floyd and the depth of pain and hurt that has caused for many in our nation and for numerous members of Alive Church, we want to take a moment to restate our vision that we see Alive as;

"A multi-ethnic, multi-generational church who value all people, ensuring everyone is given an opportunity to know Jesus... We see Alive as a church of character and humility, where every person serves the mission of Christ, putting others before themselves."

We endorse the words of Ben Lindsay from his book 'We Need To Talk About Race' who states ...

"now is the time for the Church to shine a light on the darkness of racism. Jesus is the light. Our job is to allow his light to reveal any darkness in our own hearts and reflect the light of Jesus to others...The world around us is in desperate need of displays of racial unity and a multicoloured picture of hope"
Ben Lindsay - We Need To Talk About Race Pages 155-156

At Alive we add our voice to calling out racism in all of it's forms and to allowing the light of Jesus to reveal the darkness in our own hearts and reflect His light to others. We give ourselves to the conversations, listening and learning that is needed to grow the church that displays this multicoloured picture of hope and racial unity.

This Sunday we will be including 2 conversations with members of Alive to talk about race and throughout the week we encourage each member of Alive to pray The Lord's Prayer on a daily basis - asking for God's Kingdom to come and His will to be done.

Should you want to develop your understanding, then we endorse, and highly recommend,

Ben's book that can be purchased here

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight these 2 powerful and important messages from 2 of our close friends in this nation, Pastor Agu Irukwu who leads Jesus House and Pastor Tope Koleoso who leads Jubilee Church.

Pastor Agu Irukwu

Pastor Tope Koleoso

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