The Scaffolding

The scaffolding covering the front of the building allows the stonemason and construction company to work on the repairs to the facade of the building.

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Any repairs to the front of the church building are difficult due to it fronting straight onto the main road along Newland and being close to the junction with Beaumont Fee. In order to facilitate the repairs and cleaning of the building, the Contractors, Gelder erected scaffolding.

The Capstones

In August 2018, it was discovered that four capstones were in need of repair. Thanks to funding from the National Heritage Fund, this work was completed in mid 2020. 

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Alive Church received a grant from the Heritage Fund for the repairs.

The Stonemason from RLS Restoration was employed to carry out the repairs.

Cleaned facade

In addition to the repairs, the facade of the building is being
cleaned too.

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The funding from the National Heritage Fund also covered the cleaning of the front of the church building. 

Alongside the funding, the National Heritage Fund requested work be done on the heritage of the building and this has led to the production of the website, leaflets and a virtual tour (1).


(1) Links to leaflet and virtual tour

Rising Cafe

The Cafe, which utilises the space between the main church building and the Brayford building, is run by Betel. It is open to the public six days a week.

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As a result of the Courtyard Roof being constructed (2), the space between the Grade II* and Grade II listed buildings has been able to be utilised. Betel (3) has been running the very successful cafe there since Spring 2015 (4). It is open to the general public six days a week.

Newland Chambers exterior

The building now has railings across the loggia.

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The construction of the loggia railings have made the space under the arches more secure and tidy.

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As a Church, we gather in smaller numbers called life groups. We do this in many ways, including online. We value relationship and would love to get you connected today.

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