Revive Prayer Week

04/03/2020 - 07/03/2020

The whole church dedicating an entire week to prayer, a day of fasting and an evening to prayer and worship. All to see God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


Revive Prayer Night

04/03/2020 - 07/03/2020

A time of fasting together and then gather as one for out Revive Prayer Nights.


Revive Prayer Points

As a church we gather together to pray for

Alive Church
Senior Pastors

Stuart and Irene Bell

Vision Core Team

Stuart and Irene Bell, Howard Williams, Joy Blundell, Dan Hargreaves

Executive Team

Stuart and Irene Bell, Howard Williams, Glen Ross, Simon Nicoll

Associate Pastors

Mark and Hazel Hutton


Lincoln, Hykeham, Newark, Grantham, Scunthorpe, Wymondham, Gainsborough

Location Pastors

Paul and Joy Blundell (Lincoln),
Dan and Jo Hargreaves (Hykeham),
Jonas and Sian Eyles (Grantham),
Newark Location Forum led by Dom and Samantha O'Connell, Tommy and Eileen McCreedy (Scunthorpe),
Wymondham Location Forum,
John and Judi Swannack (Gainsborough)

Location Forums

Team Leaders and Teams Connect Group Leaders

The Vision

This week let’s declare and pray into our vision. Take time to speak out the vision, allowing phrases that connect with you to become your prayers. Our vision can be summarised in the words, Knowing, Growing and Going. Take some time this week to seek God for opportunities to help others Know, Grow and Go.

Our Vision

We see Alive as a strategic multi-site church made up of thousands, expressing itself in numerous locations, seeing many people come to faith and equipping people who passionately follow Jesus Christ. We see a planting church who actively raise leaders and send teams to plant new locations. A church readily working in partnership with other churches and ministries for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. We see Alive having a heart for the re-evangelisation of the UK, believing we have a significant contribution to make.

We see Alive as a knowing church. A multi-ethnic, multi-generational church who value all people, ensuring everyone is given an opportunity to know Jesus. We see a body of people who carry the heart and ethos of the church in all age ranges. We see Alive as a church of character and humility, where every person serves the mission of Christ, putting others before themselves. We see a church who deeply value both gathering together for vibrant Sunday worship and celebration and connecting together in small groups for friendship and discipleship.

We see Alive as a growing church. A bible-believing church, living out orthodox christian lifestyle handed down to us in word and deed. A Jesus-centred community growing in their faith and empowered to make a difference in the world. A positive Holy Spirit filled people demonstrating the fruit and gifts of the spirit and the character of Christ. We see Alive as a welcoming church where kindness and hospitality are the hallmark. A church who model the generous heart of God in their own generosity. A church who carry a spirit of excellence. A praying church who believe that nothing is impossible with God.

We see Alive as a going church. A church of influence, with involvement in all spheres of society and a focused mission into the world. A church with a heart for the poor and the marginalised, who are determined to bring transformation to people’s lives. A church led by a dream team of committed staff and leaders. A team of men and women committed to God and to one another to see our dreams become a reality. We see a church that leads the way in training leaders who carry the DNA and culture of the house both within the church and into society, equipping all people to serve God in every area of their lives.

The Values

This week let’s declare and pray into our values. Take time to speak out the values, allowing phrases that connect with you to become your prayers. Take some time this week to seek God for opportunities to live out our values in all areas of life.

Our Values

Team: Our vision and purpose is led through and accomplished in teams. Teams are made up of people who give 100% energy and commitment in an environment of encouragement and trust, equipping and releasing others to go beyond us, cheering each other on toward the goal.

Generous: As God has given to us, we give more than is necessary or expected of our time, talent and treasure.

Invitational: As God first invited us, we live lives of proactive invitation. We see everything as an opportunity for ALL people to find purpose, experience more, connect and flourish.

Generational: We champion the family of God - from the eldest to the youngest, creating environments where everyone is valued. We actively honour those who’ve gone before us, our inheritance and leaving a rich legacy that outlasts us for generations to come.

Honouring: We proactively see the image of God in each other. We honour those in position and authority over our lives. We honour, serve and give time to those whom God has brought us into relationship with.

Excellent: We commit to do the absolute best with what we have, doing all things in service to God and one another

Relational: We keep our hearts fixed on our relationship with Christ (vertical) and love others as He loves the Church (horizontal).

Youthful: We’re mouldable in our thoughts and actions, embracing change, striving for relevance and keeping principles over practice.

Entrepreneurial: We seek every opportunity to grow, improve and multiply by utilising our God-given pioneer spirit and creativity to do things in a better way.

Supernatural: We expect to live extraordinary lives by the power of The Holy Spirit

2020 Priorities

This year we are stating 6 priorities for us as a church. These 6 priorities will allow us to focus our attention onto areas we believe God is calling us to strengthen across the whole church.

Let’s pray into these 6 priorities...

  • Discipleship: Empower individuals to fall in love with Jesus and His Church resulting in submitted lives to following Jesus.

  • Prayer

  • Leadership Development

    Develop and release leaders at every level

  • Multi-Ethnic (inclusivity): Engage and Integrate Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities fully in the life of the church.

  • Evangelism: Equip the church to live and speak the gospel in the places they occupy.

  • Influence: Equip the churchy to be people of influence in all spheres of society.

Launch of Lincoln North Location

In September 2020 we will be launching a new location of Alive in the North of Lincoln. Under the leadership of Dan Hargreaves we are currently building the launch team and the location forum. The plans are to build the team during January and February, with a information evening in late February for those interested. We will then look to build towards the launch of a Sunday Service with events such as Alpha, family fun-days and live lounges. Zechariah 4:6 instructs us that our endeavours are not by our might or by our power, but by The Spirit. With this in mind let’s join together in prayer for the following:

  • Dan Hargreaves

  • The Location Forum Planting Team

  • The finances (including our offerings through Rise and Build)

  • The estates in the area: Carlton, Ermine East and Ermine West, St Giles, Glebe Park

  • Other churches in the area

  • Those living in the north of Lincoln

We see Alive as a strategic multi-site church made up of thousands, expressing itself in numerous locations, seeing many people come to faith and equipping people who passionately follow Jesus Christ.
Vision For Alive Church


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