Course 14

Worship Central

Worship Central Team / Tim Hughes

7 sessions

Videos, worksheets and discussions



In seven sessions, Worship Central explores the following topics:

What is worship and why should it be central?

What is involved in leading worship?

How can we build effective teams that make an impact?

How can we release God-inspired creativity in our churches and beyond?

Welcome to the Worship Central Course. Over the next seven sessions we're going to explore the big theological and practical questions around leading worship in the twenty-first century.

Our prayer is that as we give time and space to engage with these questions, God will break out of any boxes we've put him in and give us a huge vision for what he can do in our lives and in our churches. More than anything we hope over these sessions we'll encounter God and be equipped as worshippers so that we can see the local church empowered. We hope it will be life-changing.

Worship is central. All around us, in every possible form and style you could imagine, on Earth just as it is in heaven, today, right now, just as it has been for thousands of years, worship is going on. Throughout the world and throughout history, there has always been a conversation going on about worship. From the church fathers wrestling with what worship should look like in the explosive decades after Jesus, to the reformers asking what God requires of us in the light of Scripture, the question remains: how should we worship?


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